Terms and Conditions

“Welcome, please read the text carefully to understand the details.”

“In the event of an accident, while the lessee is under the influence of alcohol, the lessee shall be liable to pay full compensation for all damages incurred by the car, in addition to the rental value of the car during the repair period and any other legal or illegal damages that may arise as a result. The insurance will not cover damages to the front and rear windshields, door glass, tires, equipment, accessories, and wheel covers.

The lessee acknowledges that they received the car and inspected it thoroughly, finding it in perfect condition, and free from any defects or damages. In case of any malfunction discovered within a period not exceeding 12 hours from the contract’s opening date and car delivery, the lessee must, first, inform the renting company, and second, return the car to the company for inspection by their qualified technician or replace the car if available. If any malfunction or damage occurs after the above-mentioned period, the lessee shall bear the cost of repairing the damage. The lessee is also responsible for the full cost of repairing the damage if it is discovered that the malfunction or damage is due to the lessee’s actions or that the lessee was aware of it during the rental period but did not inform the company.

The lessee is responsible for the complete cost of repairs within the agency in case of an accident involving the vehicle, and if the lessee is under 21 years old or their driving license has been issued for less than 6 months, they are responsible for the repair cost within the agency and compensate the renting company with a sum of AED 5000 for the damage caused after the accident, leading to a decrease in the market value of the car.

In the event of an accident involving the lessee, whether they are at fault or a victim, the lessee is not entitled to request another car until their car is repaired. If the lessee wishes to have another car during the repair period, the lessee is responsible for the full rental cost, with a new contract and new insurance.

The lessee is not allowed to perform any repairs to the car, whether mechanical, electrical, or to the exterior or interior body of the car, or change any car accessories internally, as there is a specialized technician within the renting company. If it is discovered that the lessee has done otherwise, they will be required to pay for the value of what has been replaced or changed, or compensate the company with a minimum of AED 2000 for the damage caused.

The lessee is responsible for damages and mechanical malfunctions resulting from neglect and failure to maintain the car in a timely manner. The lessee is responsible for all repair costs, and the rental period will be extended until the repair is completed.

The lessee must bring the car in for maintenance and change the engine oil every 9000 kilometers or according to the data recorded on the sticker located on the front driver’s door, whichever is closer.

The lessee is responsible for the cost of repairing tire punctures and the cost of tire replacement if the lessee is the cause of their damage.

The lessee must notify the company by phone at least two hours before coming for the following maintenance.

A fee of AED 1500 will be collected from the lessee for insurance and violation guarantee, refundable after delivering the car within 15 days of the car’s delivery date to the company and closing the contract (cash refund within 15 days, or if the payment is made by debit card, credit card, or bank transfer, it will be refunded after 30 days).

The lessee is responsible for the value-added tax and traffic violations during the rental period while the car is in their possession. The renting company has the right to claim the full value (value-added tax and traffic violations, as well as non-traffic violations) even after the rental period has ended, the car has been delivered, and the contract has been closed. In case of black points on the lessee’s driving license due to violations after closing the contract and delivering the car within a period of no less than 15 days, and if there are violations during this period, the company is entitled to deduct the value of the violations from the insurance amount.

A fee of 5 AED is charged for crossing the Salik gates (Dubai) and Darb gates (Abu Dhabi), and a 5% value-added tax is applied to the service.

The lessee is required to use the car and drive it within the boundaries of the United Arab Emirates only, and the lessee is not allowed to allow anyone else to drive the rented car. If the lessee allows another person to drive the rented car, the renting company has the right to confiscate the car and take legal action against the lessee without recourse.

The maximum allowable mileage in daily rental is 350 kilometers, and in monthly rental is 6000 kilometers. If the lessee uses more kilometers than allowed, they are obliged to pay 1 AED for each additional kilometer.

The lessee is fully responsible for leaving any personal belongings inside the car, and the renting company is not responsible for any loss or forgetfulness of the lessee’s belongings. The lessee is not entitled to claim compensation from the renting company under any circumstances.”